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Each Autumn your Payback royalties are paid into the bank account you’ve given DACS details for. We get in touch nearer the time to let you know a more exact date for your Payback payment.

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Keeping your bank details up to date

If your bank account details change after you submit your Payback claim, update them in your account.

In August and September, contact us directly to make any changes to your bank details, so that we can process your payment correctly.

Email the Payback team
or call 0207 780 7580.

What you are paid for

Part 1

Claims are paid out if the publications you are claiming for match with the lists of publication titles the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) have identified as being reproduced by their licensees.

Part 2

Claim payment amounts are independent of Part 1. They will depend on:

  • the number of publications and television programmes in your claim and the number of works in them
  • how many other artists claim Payback, as the total payment available is shared proportionately between artists who make claims

Where the CLA money comes from

Sources and shares of CLA money in each part.

CLA revenue source Share of revenue paid out in Part 1 Share of revenue paid out in Part 2
Licences for education institutions (for example: schools, colleges, universities) 40% 60%
Licences for non-education (other types of businesses) 30% 70%

Multiple claims

Inform your picture library or agency, and us, in advance of the Payback deadline if you are claiming through them and as an individual. This is to avoid duplicated claims and so that you can check contractual agreements.

There's a maximum level of Payback for each individual. If you’re claiming directly (through us) and also through one or more picture libraries or agencies, if the total claim amount exceeds the maximum amount you’re entitled to, we’ll proportionately reduce the amount claimed through DACS.

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