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Copyright information

Understand the basics: get to know your rights and how to protect them. Read the articles in this section to find out about copyright and commissions, infringement, disputes and exceptions. Copyright doesn't have to be complex. Our information is written by legal experts, with artists, creators and beneficiaries in mind.

Did you know?

What is visual arts copyright?

Copyright is a legal right that protects your work.

Copyright infringement

What to do if someone’s using your work without your permission.

Notice and Takedown process

How to request removal of unauthorised reproductions of your work from websites and social media platforms.

Disputes over copyright ownership

A copyright ownership dispute is when parties (individuals or organisations) cannot agree on who owns copyright or on how it should be divided.

Divorce and copyright ownership

How to protect your copyright in case of divorce with a prenuptial agreement, and legal advice links, including free advice providers.

Copyright and commission agreements

How to protect your copyright in a commission agreement.

Warranties and indemnities

Warranties and indemnities can be incorporated into a contract to protect the true copyright holder.

Moral rights: what they are, how they protect artists

Moral rights are personal rights that can protect an artist or creator’s reputation, as well as the integrity of their work.

Other intellectual property (IP) rights

Copyright is not the only form of intellectual property right that applies to creations of the mind like artistic works, inventions or designs.

Websites, social media and copyright

Understand your rights as a visual artist when using websites and platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter to promote your work.

The publication right

This right extends protection to certain unpublished art works that are published for the first time after the work’s copyright protection has expired.

What is an NFT, and how do these affect artists?

Find out exactly what NFT are, and how artists’ and creators’ rights may be affected by them.

Gallery insolvency: what you need to know

Find out what it could mean for you if your gallery becomes insolvent.

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