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We’re a trusted broker, who has been connecting artists, creators and beneficiaries with the people who want to use their work for over 40 years. In 2023, we arranged 1900 licences for DACS members and worked with over 600 customers.

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We work with 102,500 artists, creators and their beneficiaries, and have unique direct contact with rights holders, so you get a wide choice and efficient service. And by licensing through us, you’re supporting creatives and the sector.

Our clients

Christopher Farr • Tate Gallery • Phaidon • King & McGaw • Liberty London • NET-A-PORTER • Netflix • Penguin • Royal Opera House • Christie’s • The Ashmolean • Warner Music UK • National Galleries of Scotland • Alexander McQueen

A colourful shit in blue hues
FOLK 2023 winter collection, featuring Tom Hammick's work. Courtesy of FOLK. © Tom Hammick. All rights reserved, DACS 2024

Here at Folk we work closely with artists to create limited edition collaborative collections which shine a light on their visual expression. Recognition of artists' work and their intellectual property is paramount. That is why we are impressed at the important service that DACS offers and happy to be associated with it, helping make projects like this happen and protect and support all parties involved.

Cathal McAteer
FOLK Director

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Copyright licensing is the process of getting permission to use someone's creative work, like a painting, photograph or graphic design.

It ensures that the rights of the artists, creatives and beneficiaries are protected and respected, while allowing others to use their work in a legal and authorised manner. Learn more about how licensing works.

License your work

In 2023, DACS secured a total of £1.9 million for artists, creatives and their beneficiaries through licensing. We can handle the negotiations and licensing process, protect your rights, and collect royalties for you.

Find out more about working with DACS to license your work, or work you own the copyright to.

A white woman with brown hair in a bun sitting in an office and speaking at the camera
Beth Nicholas. Still from interview with DACS

Well, the beauty of DACS is that they work with so many different artists so they know and understand how a job should be priced. So as somebody that didn’t have a clue where to start with pricing for licensing, that part has been invaluable. The other thing that’s amazing is that they will deal with the whole process.

Because they’re used to that kind of high profile conversation, it means that you have somebody you can trust and hand it over to.

Beth Nicholas

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