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Through DACS Payback service we distribute royalty payments owed to artists, creators and beneficiaries from the use of their work in print and digital publications, and on TV. We put the money into your bank account annually. In 2023, we distributed £5.3 million in Payback royalties. Find out how it works and sign up.

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Has your work been published in a book, magazine or been shown on TV? You’re probably eligible for Payback royalties, in addition to other copyright royalties you may already have received. Payback covers secondary uses of your works, like photocopying, scanning and cable retransmission.

A white man with brown curly hair sitting on a chair next to a desk and a bookcase

I know plenty of illustrators and designers that do it every year and some might get £30 and some might get thousands. No matter how much you get, it is all money that you deserve, so go get it!

Tom Hovey
Great British Bake-Off Illustrator

Payback explained

Every year DACS distributes royalties for the use of works in print or digital publications and TV broadcasts, and pays them into your bank account through the Payback scheme.

You create an account and share up to date details of where your work was used, and we do the rest. We distributed £5.3 million in Payback royalties in 2023. DACS is the leading distributor of collective licensing royalties to artists, creators and beneficiaries in the UK.

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