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Where Payback money comes from

Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

The money comes from various collective licensing schemes, mainly the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).

The CLA sells photocopying licences to schools, universities, local councils, central government, and business organisations to allow them to photocopy copyright protected works, including books, magazines and journals, which may contain your works.

Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

For TV use your work, the main source of Payback revenue comes from the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) Licence. This allows schools, colleges and universities to make educational use of recordings of TV and radio broadcast content.

Cable and Satellite Retransmission Licence

A smaller source is the Cable and Satellite Retransmission Licence.

Retransmission is the simultaneous and unaltered transmission of a TV channel carried by a cable or satellite operator. For example, BBC1 is broadcast by the cable operator UPC in Northern Ireland.

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