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Save The Date: Payback 2024 Opens on 15 January

A graph of an hourglass and text that says 'Save the date: Payback 2024 opens 15 January'

Sign up now and claim your share of millions of pounds in royalties

Payback is an annual scheme paying artists, illustrators, photographers and other visual creators royalties when their works have been published in UK books, magazines or on TV.

Log in to your account or sign up now on the Payback website.

Last year, DACS paid over 92,000 artists, illustrators and photographers a share of £5.3 million in royalties.

Individual payments were up to £357 for books and magazines and over £2,000 when also claiming for TV.

How to claim

To claim, visual creators need to register at by 16 February and tell DACS where their work has been featured.

The final deadline for completing their claim is 12 April. DACS then pays royalties to visual creators in the autumn.

Payback is so important to all the artists we work with, an important boost to their ability to continue their indivdual practices while working collaboratively with others.

Gary Hunter
Director of Fitzrovia Noir

Paying visual creators since 1999

Since the scheme's founding 24 years, DACS has paid out a total of over £75 million in Payback royalties.

For many working artists, Payback provides additional income, helping to pay for materials, studio rent and bills, especially at a time when many are seeing an increase in the cost of living.