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92,000 visual creators receive share of £5.3 million in royalties

A graphic of a bag of money and a text that says 'This year we paid 5.3million to 92,000 visual creators through our Payback scheme'

Today, 92,000 visual creators have received a share of £5.3 million in royalties as part of DACS’ annual Payback scheme. This year has seen a 14% increase in royalties on 2022.

Payback, a much-loved scheme within the creative community, rewards visual creators including artists, illustrators, and photographers with annual payments when their artwork is published in UK books, magazines, journals, and television. This year, individual payments reached up to £357 for publications, and up to £2,000 for those claiming for works on TV.

The scheme offers visual artists a reliable income to cover important costs like materials, studio rent, and bills, all of which have been affected by rising costs.

Payback is a brilliant scheme. It’s so worth doing every year and it’s not complicated

Jill Calder
Payback member

DACS established the scheme in 1999 and since then it has distributed over £75 million in Payback royalties, supporting the livelihoods of tens of thousands of visual creators.

To apply for Payback, visual artists need to complete their annual claim form between January and April each year.

For artists interested in claiming for the first time, they can register at Payback to be notified when Payback opens in January 2023.