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Save the date: Payback 2022 launches 19 January

Man working in a studio
Artist Francis Bowyer in his studio

We’re delighted to announce that Payback will be opening for claims on Wednesday 19 January 2022.

2021 was a record year for Payback, with £5.6 million in royalties paid out to 86,000 artists, estates and their representatives This year, individual payments were up to £450 for books and magazines and over £3000 when also claiming for TV.

Don’t miss out! Add these dates to your diary:

Payback opens – 19 January

Part 1 deadline – 25 February

Part 2 deadline – 15 April

What is Payback? 

What is Payback?

Payback is a scheme which pays artists annual royalties when their artworks have been published in UK books, magazines or on TV. 

For many working artists, Payback provides a reliable source of income, helping to pay for materials, studio rent and bills, especially at a time other income streams have been affected due to the pandemic. It’s a milestone that follows artists throughout their career, as many Payback claimants have been claiming for over 20 years.

Since its founding in 1999, DACS has paid out over £65 million in Payback royalties.

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