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Save the date: Payback 2021 launches 18 January

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Good news, Payback is returning for 2021! Make sure you claim your fair share of royalties for your work next year.

2020 was a brilliant year for Payback, with £5 million in royalties paid out to thousands of artists.

We're thrilled to announce today that Payback will return next year, opening for claims on 18 January 2021.

Last year we launched our new Payback Website, making it easier than ever to claim your share of royalties.

Make sure you get all the latest updates on our campaign:

About Payback

Payback is an annual scheme which pays artists for the use of artworks that are published in UK books, magazines and shown on TV.

Every year we collect a share of royalties which we pay to eligible artists who've signed up. Since the beginning of the scheme we have paid out over £60m.

If you have had your work published in books, magazines or on TV, you could be elligible for royalties. All kinds of visual artists benefit from Payback including photographers, fine artists, illustrators, sculptors and cartoonists to name a few.

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