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Registering for ARR royalties

We’ve helped artists and their beneficiaries claim over £125 million in ARR royalties since 2006.

DACS Artists' Services team

How it works

In the UK, the only way for an artist or estate to get ARR payments is through an organisation like DACS which collects these royalties for them. You cannot collect ARR yourself from the gallery, auction house, or art dealer.

Register for DACS ARR royalty payments

Join DACS as an ARR member – we may already have royalties waiting for you. We’ll monitor sales of your work, collect the royalties and pay them to you.

Find out more and join DACS ARR

What DACS does

We monitor sales and collect resale royalties for artists and estates who have signed up with us, and also those who have not yet joined us. This means we may already have royalties waiting for you.

It's free to become a member of DACS ARR. However, we take a percentage of the royalties we collect to cover our costs:

  • 15% from royalties collected from UK sales
  • 5% from royalties collected from overseas sales

Important points about ARR

As an artist or beneficiary you cannot opt out of receiving an ARR royalty, or assign the Right to anyone else during your lifetime.

You do not need to pay VAT on Artist’s Resale Right royalties. They are exempt from VAT, so do not include any resale royalties you receive on your VAT return.

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