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Check Artist's Resale Right (ARR) eligibility

When an artwork resells with the involvement of a gallery, auction house or art dealer for £1000 or over, a royalty payment is due under the Artist’s Resale Right Regulations 2006. Find out when a royalty payment needs to be made.

When an ARR payment is due

This right gives artists and their beneficiaries a proportion of the ongoing value of their work. ARR royalties are payable:

  • to UK, Australian and EEA artists and their beneficiaries
  • on artworks which resell for £1000 or over in the UK
  • by galleries, auction houses and art dealers

Calculate ARR royalties that are due

Use our calculator to work out the royalties you need to pay from your sale – or that you need to be paid from re-sale of your art.

Go to the DACS ARR calculator

Works covered

Any work of graphic or plastic art including:

  • pictures
  • collages
  • paintings
  • drawings
  • engravings
  • prints
  • lithographs
  • sculptures
  • tapestries
  • ceramics
  • items of glassware
  • photographs
  • a copy of a work – if it is one of a limited number made by the author, or under their instruction

Furniture, silverware and jewellery

Some pieces may be eligible for ARR. To qualify, they must:

  • be created by a named artist or craftsperson in a limited number
  • qualify for copyright protection

Posters, copies, and limited editions

Graphic work, like lithographs, etchings, or original prints that are authored by a named artist are eligible.

Limited copies are eligible. This includes prints which are bought directly from a publishing house and then resold to the public.

Mass reproductions of works, like unlimited posters and print copies are not eligible.

Authorship proof

If there’s a name on the work, which appeared when it was made and signifies the maker, it’ll be presumed that person created it.

Joint authorship

Where the artwork has joint authorship, that is it was created by more than one person, the resale right belongs to all the artists. They’ll divide the amount payable between themselves equally, or in pre-agreed shares.

ARR assignment

As an artist or beneficiary you cannot opt out of receiving ARR royalties, or assign the Right to anyone else during your lifetime, except to charities.