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The Economy of Art

  • 12 November 2009, 6:30-8pm
  • Club Row Arnold Circus London E2 7ES
Presentation panel speakers

DACS debate on visual artists in the 21st Century

What value does art have financially, socially and culturally? How can we measure the intangible benefits of the visual arts in financial terms?

Chaired by Alan Yentob, a distinguished panel of artists, economists and commentators explored the value of the visual arts to the economy and society at a time when the value of traditional economic sectors are being seriously challenged.

Download The Economy of Art transcript


Alan Yentob (Chair) is the Creative Director of the BBC and Editor and Presenter of the Imagine programme. A celebrated and award-winning programme maker, Alan became the BBC’s Creative Director in June 2004.

Susan Hiller is an American-born artist, living in the UK. Her practice encompasses installation, video, photography, performance and writing.

Paul Graham is a UK-born, New York-based artist photographer whose work uses and abuses the classic genres of photography to map a cultural and social topography.

Alan Freeman works for GLA Economics, the Mayor of London’s Economics unit, where he leads the unit’s work on cultural economics and city comparisons.

Michael Landy is a London-born artist best known for the performance piece-cum-installation, (2001), in which he destroyed all of his possessions.

Considering questions of value in relation to the visual arts, this was organised by DACS in partnership with c&binet (Creativity and Business International Network) and the A Foundation.