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Supporting a Cultural Revolution across the UK's regions

Cloud of red dye or paint in front of trees

DACS is convening a discussion at the Conservative Party Conference on 5 October on how the UK can support funding that fuels creative economies, supports local communities, and redresses the balance between creators and tech companies in the digital age.

The cultural and creative industries employ over 2.1m people and contribute an annual £116bn to the UK economy. But funding and income streams across the UK remain a pressing issue with most artists, performers and creators earning less than the minimum wage. As freelance workers, many creators were also locked out of the cultural recovery fund and tax reliefs given to large cultural organisations. We believe it is time to create new ways to pay creators for the work they make that do not rely on government funding.  

Cheryl Jones, Director of Grand Union and Cultural Leadership Board Member of the West Midlands Combined Authority, Faisal Hussain, Director at True Form Projects, Andrew Mitchell, MP of Sutton Coldfield will be joined by parliamentarians and other cultural policy leaders to highlight the important role creators play in communities across the UK and to the wider economy.

We know culture is economically and socially transformative and it is often taken for granted but how can the UK fully invest in it? How can we ensure that culture gets the investment it needs to ensure the UKs position as a global leader in the arts as well as delivering sustainable economic regeneration in our regions?  

Event details

Supporting a Cultural Revolution across the UK's regions.

Wednesday 5 October 2022, 8am.

Executive Room 2, ICC