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DACS welcomes AI act adopted by European parliament

A close-up of a black man clipping freshly developed photographs in a studio
Pogus Caesar in studio, photographed by Chris Waggott

The EU AI act is the first in the world to regulate AI.

DACS welcomes the adoption of the AI Act by the European Parliament, which sets a precedent in safeguarding the moral and economic rights of artists, in light of the ongoing development of AI technologies.

The act is the first regulatory framework governing AI, and paves the way for a more responsible development, governance, and application of artificial intelligence. European Visual Artists, representing the Collective Management Organisations of 28 countries, has released a statement on the act:

DACS is calling on the UK government to introduce regulations on generative AI to protect the IP of visual artists and other creatives.

DACS’ 5 recommendations are:

  • Consent, control and compensation: AI models must comply with copyright law and artists must authorise the use of their works for AI training.
  • Transparency: AI models must be open about what data or artworks have been used for training.
  • Regulation: Government must establish safeguards and regulations that address use of personal data, misinformation and deepfakes.
  • International competitiveness: Government should adopt blanket licensing and levy schemes as a way to remunerate creators for the use of their work, like many other countries have done.
  • Incentivising human creativity: Government must improve pay and work for artists, and incentivise skills and training in AI for all ages.

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