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DACS publishes a new report on artists’ experiences of Artificial Intelligence in response to a consultation from government

A woman's face, in profile, made up of old floppy disks
Devious Designs, 2018, Nick Gentry © Nick Gentry. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage 2021

The UK Intellectual Property Office has been consulting with the public on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and copyright laws intersect. As part of the national strategy on AI to boost AI industries in the UK, the IPO considered whether exceptions to copyright law need to be extended, or if copyright can be licensed by AI industries.

DACS convened artists and artist’s estates at a virtual ‘town hall’ meeting on 2 December 2021 to give evidence and testimony on how they are using AI in their practice, or how AI is using their own work to create something new. The session included a keynote seminar from AI expert, Andrew Burgess, CEO of Greenhouse Intelligence, and details of the copyright proposals by the IPO. 

DACS has published a new report that details this session and sets out key quotes from artists and artists estates on a range of topics on AI: from new technological tools in artistic practices, to ethics, education and the environment. The report also details how artists felt about the IPO’s proposals, highlighting the need for the UK to retain a strong copyright framework that fairly rewards creators through flexible licensing. The report formed the basis of DACS’ response to the IPO consultation.

Visit here to read the report in full.

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