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DACS Presents: a talk by Liliane Lijn

  • 25 November 2020, 6pm
Photo of a face in two sections - the left half is a dark stature and the right is a translucent blue and illuminated

DACS launched its digital public programme, DACS Presents with Silvana Bismarck Speaks - a talk by Liliane Lijn.

Silvana Bismarck Speaks - Liliane Lijn

A strange avatar born from a dream heralds the talk that Liliane Lijn gave for DACS.

Dreams and visions have always inspired her works, guiding her art practice and her life. A large part of her work, since the early 90’s has looked at her body, her psyche and the many paths taken by memory and has led her more recently to write an autobiography.

Liliane spoke about her writing, and how it connects to the diverse elements of her artistic practice.

About the artist

Liliane Lijn (1939) was born in New York. Studying and working in Paris in the early sixties, before moving to London in 1966. Liliane Lijn became friends with many of the poets of the Beat Generation and was one of the first artists to introduce kinetic text into her work.

Internationally exhibited since the 1960s, her works are held in numerous collections including Tate, British Museum, V&A and FNAC in Paris.

Liliane Lijn works across media – kinetic sculpture, film, text, performance and collage – to explore language, mythology and the relationship between light and matter.

Her most recent exhibitions are I am She at the Ordet Art Space in Milano and The Sky as Studio: Yves Klein and his Contemporaries, Centre Pompidou Metz until February 2021. Her work is included in the upcoming Guangjiu Biennale, Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning, February- May 2021.

Liliane Lijn is represented by Rodeo, London/Piraeus.

About DACS Presents

Artists frame and represent the world in ways that disrupt our assumptions and inspire new perspectives. This is something DACS wants to celebrate.

Through our public programme of talks and events, we bring people together to hear from important artistic voices. Previous speakers include artists Ryan Gander, Tai Shani, Johnnie Shand Kydd, Duggie Fields and Anthea Hamilton.