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DACS collaborates on new Future of the Art Market Report

The words 'The Future of the Art Market' in white on a blue background

We’ve partnered with Creative United on a major new report that explores the changes that have taken place in the UK art market over the past 15 years and predicts the shape of things to come.

New insights into forces and tensions shaping the art market

Authored by Lucy Rose Sollitt, the Future of the Art Market Report looks to emerging practitioners - artists, theorists, gallerists and critics - to gain new insights into the forces and tensions shaping the art market ecosystem today, as well as its future trajectories.

After two decades of unprecedented and uneven growth, the ecosystem of the contemporary art market is under strain. Financialisation, digital technologies and changing consumer behaviours have created new opportunities but have also disrupted traditional distribution models.

The report examines the changes that have occurred and explores what the future holds as artists, suppliers, and buyers evolve and adapt. It suggests the art market and wider artworld is reaching a tipping point of structural change.

We are delighted to partner with Creative United who have commissioned the report, alongside Arteïa and Creative Scotland.

Read the report.

Coinciding with the Future of the Art Market Unconference

The release of the report coincides with the UK’s first Future of the Art Market Unconference at Somerset House on 13 November 2019.

The event will bring together those working at the intersections of contemporary art practice, technology, social change and commerce, both virtually and physically, to debate current and emerging trends in the UK’s contemporary art market.

Unlike a conventional conference, the unconference format is a collaborative, crowd-sourced event focused on proactive debate and interactivity. Delegates can shape the day’s agenda, which is expected to focus on topics including the role of blockchain technology in the emergence of a digital art market and how artworks will be valued in 30 years’ time.