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DACS co-launches Vide Atelier: Online art shop supporting artists during lockdown

Vide Atelier logo

DACS is proud to support Vide Atelier - an online shop of limited-edition prints by UK artists.

We have been vocal over the past few weeks about the devastating effect COVID-19 is already having on artists’ livelihoods and income. The UK art market, although adapting to its new reality, is also faced with a long and unpredictable road to recovery.

Vide Atelier aims to help sustain artists’ practices during the pandemic and beyond. We are proud to partner with Marcel for Art, a free digital fine arts management platform co-founded by the artist Ori Gersht, and Verisart the market leader in blockchain verification for contemporary art,

Key facts about Vide Atelier

  • Limited edition are available from 24 UK artists, including Mark Titchner, Faisal Abdu’allah, Penny Slinger, Sarah Staton, Franklyn Rodgers and more.
  • No commission is deducted, so artists receive all profits from the sale of their work.
  • Every six weeks new artists and editions, nominated by featured artists, will be added to the program. This will give artists at all career stages access to the platform.
  • Prints will be available in three edition sizes and price points, with an aim to make the artists £2,500 each (this figure symbolizes the Government-issued artistic grants and maximum monthly Government assistance via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, both of which are out of reach for many artists).
  • Each edition will be certified using Verisart’s Fair Trade Art certificates. This gives buyers trusted provenance information and artists assurance and transparency about each sale. Every transaction is recorded permanently with blockchain technology.

The full list of artists participating in the first round are:

Alan Dimmick

Duggie Fields

Faisal Abdu'allah

Franklyn Rodgers

Helen SearIain 

Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Mark Titchner

Michelle Charles

Mustafa Hulusi

Penelope Slinger

Sarah Staton

Young in Hong

Jeff Keen Estate

Ori Gersht

Andrew Logan

Lawrence Perry

Frances Scott

Edith Marie Pasquier

Rubin Gideon

Jemima Burrill

82% of artists have had projects cancelled, yet, we are relying on creative content more than ever to stay happy and well. Many artists will, however, fall through the cracks of Government support. We wanted to do something that acknowledges the value of artistic work, and ensures artists are paid for it.

Gilane Tawadros
Chief Executive of DACS

We are here to make a statement about our creative community. It is often forgotten that artists are the prime source, the fuel, of the art world. This platform is unique because it is attentive to artists’ needs. They are the lifeblood of the art ecosystem.

Ori Gersht
Artist and Marcel for Art Co-Founder,

All income will go directly to the artists, no commission will ever be deducted. In partnership with DACS, all artist rights will always be protected. Verisart’s Fair Trade certificates ensure the artists and collectors have visibility of provenance.

Culturally, it is important that we fully compensate artists and engender a collective spirit of generosity. With Vide Atelier, we want to protect artists today, tomorrow, and as the art world continues to evolve.”

We are delighted to support this artist led project and to launch the Fair Trade Art certificate designed to help buyers know the direct beneficiaries of a sale. At a time of unprecedented challenge, we believe people will seek out initiatives that to do good.

Robert Norton,
Chief Executive of Verisart

Visit the Vide Atelier shop here