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DACS CEO speaks at IFRRO meeting in Valencia, Spain, on balancing the development of AI with the protection of artists’ rights

People sitting in front of a screen projection of a presentation in a cathedral-like room.
Christian Zimmermann, DACS CEO, presenting at IFRRO Mid-Year Meeting in Valencia, Spain

Christian Zimmermann, DACS CEO, presented the work that DACS is doing to ensure that artists’ rights are protected in the face of advancing technologies.

Drawing from the results of DACS’ ‘Artificial Intelligence and Artists’ Work’ survey, he spoke about the importance of working with creative industry leaders to strike a balance between promoting innovation within AI and supporting creativity in the UK.

IFRRO (International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations) members discussed the latest copyright-related developments including in relation to artificial intelligence, which remains a key topic. Guest speakers and IFRRO members reflected on the latest AI developments and the impact on copyrighted materials.