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DACS CEO Christian Zimmermann spoke at IFFRO 2023 General Assembly and World Congress

DACS CEO Christian Zimmermann speaking at IFFRO 2023 General Assembly and World Congress.
Vanessa Giorgo

This week, DACS highlighted the opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence for the creative industries, and the copyright and collective licensing issues many visual artists are increasingly facing at the IFFRO (International Federation for Reproduction Rights Organisations) 2023 General Assembly and World Congress.

Speaking at IFFRO, DACS CEO Christian Zimmermann said:

Whilst governments across the world compete to attract AI businesses to their countries by creating supportive legislative environments, we have to avoid a race to the bottom. It is clear that in order to get high-quality output, any generative AI relies on high-quality content and input, and this will only remain available if we provide for adequate protection and remuneration of our creators. We have to work together to make technology work for us and not the other way round.

Christian Zimmermann

IFRRO facilitates, on an international basis, the collective management of reproduction and other rights in text and image works through the co-operation of its member Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs).

IFRRO has over 150 members, including DACS, drawn from more than 85 countries around the world. Its members represent many millions of authors, visual artists, and publishers of books, journals, newspapers, magazines and printed music.