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CISAC Global Collections Report 2022 reveals record growth for visual arts sector

Cover of CISAC 2023 Global Collection report, of 2022 data

CISAC Global Collections Report reveals intellectual property royalties for visual and graphic arts creators have grown by 12.8% to reach a record of €220 million in 2022.

This week, CISAC – the international body for copyright organisations – released their annual Global Collections Report, which announced a record increase in royalties paid out to creators around the world, across all disciplines.

Creators and performers including visual artists, writers, actors and musicians, rely on copyright and other intellectual property royalties to earn a living from their work. Copyright and Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) is hugely valuable for visual artists, many of whom use their royalties to invest back into their practice.

The UK continues to perform strongly as one of the top 3 collecting nations, with collections increasing by 32.4% compared to pre-pandemic years, with a 7.3% increase since last year in the visual arts sector.

The UK remains the largest collecting country of ARR and this right has paid around £122 million (€140 million) to artists and their heirs since its introduction in the UK in 2006.

Protecting and strengthening the rights of creators is key in an increasingly challenging environment to preserve the backbone of our creative industries and to secure new and innovative creative contributions. The fact that the UK government confirmed its commitment to the Artist’s Resale Right earlier this year is therefore very welcome, considering the importance of the right for many thousands of artists and their beneficiaries.

Christian Zimmermann

The UK remains a primary contributor to the global ARR total and is third in global collections of royalties for creators.