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Bronzechain Launch

  • 27 November 2019, 6:30-8pm
  • Bronze Age Sculpture Foundry Basin Approach London E14 7JG
Bronze Foundry
© Bronze Age Sculpture Foundry

DACS and Bronze Age Sculpture Foundry launched the Bronzechain partnership.

Event details

The audience experienced a hands-on introduction to this revolutionary bronze hallmarking scheme at Bronze Age's East London Foundry, learning how blockchain technology and traditional casting techniques combine to guarantee the quality and provenance of fine art bronze sculptures.

Using blockchain technology and traditional hallmarking, DACS developed Bronzechain to boost transparency and authentication in the bronze sculpture market. The mark is a guarantee of bronze quality for collectors, galleries and public institutions. It was developed in partnership with Verisart, one of the leading digital certification platforms for visual arts. Bronze Age is the first foundry to use Bronzechain to guarantee the quality of its bronze.