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Bronzechain: DACS and Verisart call on bronze art foundries to sign up

Sculpture featuring the Bronzechain stamp (right) alongside Bronze Age Foundry's stamp.
Still from DACS' Bronzechain film

DACS and Verisart are proud to launch Bronzechain, our innovative new scheme combining the traditional hallmark with cutting-edge blockchain technology to guarantee the quality and provenance of fine art bronze sculpture.

Bronze meets blockchain

Following a successful launch with Bronze Age in east London - the first foundry in the UK to adopt the scheme - DACS and Verisart are now looking to roll out Bronzechain to foundries nationwide. 

By combining the use of a hallmark with innovative blockchain technology, Bronzechain brings greater regulation and protection to the bronze sculpture market and will assist the public in distinguishing genuine cast bronze from inferior imitations. 

Calvin Gomes, manager at Bronze Age, said: “It is our aim to help see the scheme adopted by all of the fine-art foundries in the UK and for artists casting their work in bronze to champion itsuse.”

How it works

The unique ‘Bronzechain’ stamp, which features a bull’s head and chain-link, is licensed by DACS to approved bronze foundries for use in the casting of fine art sculptures. Each artwork bearing the mark is registered on the blockchain via Verisart, a leading digital certification platform for visual arts. 

The blockchain certificate of authenticity reinforces the physical hallmark by recording technical data specific to each artwork, including dimensions, location of hallmark and edition number. In turn, this boosts transparency and authentication in the bronze sculpture market, and guarantees bronze quality for collectors, galleries and public institutions.

Register now

We are looking forward to expanding Bronzechain and are calling on fine-art foundries throughout the UK to sign up. 

If you’re interested in licensing the mark, please get in touch for further information at

If you are interested in learning more about how Bronzechain works, check out our guide with everything you need to know here.