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Watch: AI & Creativity: Protecting Creators in the Age of AI

  • 3 November 2023, 2-3:30pm
  • British Library, Elliot Room of the Knowledge Centre, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB
Six people sitting on a stage and discussing
As part of UK’s AI Summit in November 2023, DACS convened a panel at the AI Fringe at the British Library, exploring the potential impacts of AI models on creators and their IP rights.

At the recent AI Fringe, part of the UK’s AI summit, DACS convened a panel exploring the potential impacts of AI models on creators and their IP rights.

From artists to writers, AI is impacting many creators whose copyright-protected works have been used to train AI models, often without their permission or fair pay. As the UK Government looks to navigate its regulatory response to AI, it's essential that creators and copyright owners have a significant voice.

As part of the AI Fringe programme (30th October – 3rd November), 'AI & Creativity: Protecting Creators in the Age of AI' brought together artists, writers, and leaders working across the Creative Industries to discuss and highlight creators' unique insights and experiences, which are pivotal to ensuring AI develops to be fair and equitable for all.

The development of Generative AI models relies on high-quality content and input, and this will only remain available if we provide adequate protection and remuneration for our creators. As the Government convenes world-leaders at the AI Safety Summit we must work together to make technology work for us and not the other way round.

Christian Zimmermann
DACS Chief Executive

1st Panel discussion and Q&A


  • Dr Hayleigh Bosher, Associate Dean / Reader in Intellectual Property Law, Brunel University London
  • Christian Zimmermann, CEO DACS
  • Matthew Blakemore, Chief AI Strategist at AI Caramba!

Chair: Lara Carmona, Director of Policy, Creative UK

Part of the AI Fringe

Fireside Chat: Innovation or Imitation? Creatives Deciphering AI's Role

  • What are the predominant sentiments among leading creatives regarding AI: Is it predominantly viewed as an encroachment on genuine creativity or as an enhancer of artistic potential?
  • In today's digital age where AI has the capacity to mirror personal artistic nuances, how are creatives fortifying and retaining their distinctive artistic signature?
  • As AI carves its niche in content generation, how are creatives forecasting equitable remuneration structures, especially when their works serve as foundational influences for AI models?
  • With the relentless progression of AI, what methodologies or blueprints are creatives adopting to ensure their artistic identity remains undiluted and eminent?


  • Lawrence Essex, Sci-fi Author, Screenwriter, Film Director
  • Justin Hackney - Creative Director / Filmmaker / Creative AI Community Founder

Chair: Cristina Carmona Aliaga, London and Partners

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