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£10.1 million distributed in ARR royalties to artists and estates

A white woman working on a sculpture
Susan Stockwell in studio by Chris Waggott. Courtesy of the artist.

In a week where members of the House of Lords debate the contribution of the arts to the economy and society, DACS announces its annual ARR royalty distributions, with £10.1 million paid to 1893 artists and estates in 2023.

As the world's second-largest art market, valued at £9.5 billion in 2022, the UK art market underscores the crucial role that ARR plays not only for artists, but also for the broader cultural and economic landscape of the country. ARR royalty payments to artists and estates serve as a tangible demonstration of a commitment to recognising and compensating artists for their indispensable role in the success of the UK art market.

In a year when UK artists celebrated the Government recognising the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) as an integral part of UK law, despite Brexit, I am delighted to announce that DACS distributed over £10.1 million in ARR royalties. These monies recognise both artists and estates contributions to our society and the economy, with an art market worth £9.5 billion and our creative industries contributing £116 billion to UK GDP.2024 is DACS’ 40th anniversary and our commitment to supporting artists of all ages and stages remains strong. Royalties go beyond financial transactions; they are essential catalysts for reinvestment, empowering artists to create and estates to preserve the enduring legacy of the artist.

Christian Zimmermann
DACS Chief Executive

Further information

Since ARR was introduced into UK law in 2006, DACS has paid a total of over £125 million in resale royalties to 6121 artists and estates. In 2023, 228 artists received their first Artist's Resale Right royalty payment, indicating that their works recently began selling above the threshold on the secondary market.

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