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Request to license a work

Set up a new image licensing agreement through us – we have a direct connection with artists and their estates, and access to over 100,000 copyright holders. We also supply high-resolution image files of modern and contemporary artwork by over 400 artists through Artimage, many pre-approved for licensing.

DACS' role as a licensing broker

We represent artists in the UK and overseas, through our partnerships in over 30 countries. Our team of licensing experts can help clear the rights you need, no matter how complex your project or how many artists it involves. We:

  • give you access to some of the world's most popular artists
  • explain the requirements of the law in plain English
  • guide you through the licensing process
  • seek all the permissions required to grant a licence
  • suggest alternative artists if we are unable to obtain permission

Licensing requests form

Request to license an art work through us.

Licensing requests form

How to make a licensing request

DACS will broker the agreement with the artist, creator, their estate or another copyright holder. You’ll request the image file from a reputable source once you have received the licence from us (we advise checking the image is available before requesting a licence).

1. Use our artist search to check if we represent the artist or rightsholder.

2. Use our licensing request form or speak to our team on +44 (0) 20 7780 7550 about sourcing specific images.

3. We provide a quote and let you know how long it may take. Some copyright owners ask to be consulted, and may only allow use according to the situation

4. We’ll set up a licensing agreement for you. We keep in touch with you throughout the process, negotiate with the copyright holder on your behalf, and do our best to fit your timescales.

5. You then contact the copyright holder to request the high-resolution image file for the image(s) you have licensed through DACS.

Costs for licensing

Get an idea of the cost range for your licensing request, excluding VAT.

Book publishing


  • Small print run of 500, editorial, English language only: £48
  • Large print run of 100001 to 150000, front cover, all languages: £883
  • Ebook, up to 1000 downloads, digital only, editorial: £30
  • Ebook, up to 80,000 downloads, digital and hard copy, front cover: £252

View our pricing for using artworks in book reproductions

Academic books

  • Small print run of up to 500, editorial: £32, cover: £141
  • Small print run of up to 500 plus digital version, editorial: £52, cover: £171
  • Larger print run of 3,001 to 4000, editorial: £82, cover: £250
  • Larger print run of 3,001 to 4000 plus digital version, editorial: £132, cover: £310


  • Copyright licence price is usually an agreed percentage of the price, multiplied by the number of items produced
  • Retail price percentage rate is 10%

Licensing outside of the UK

We’re part of an international network of collecting societies in 32 countries. This means that we can represent artists from these countries, issuing licences for their work by UK customers.

If your invoice addressed is based outside the UK, you would need to contact the relevant collecting society in your country.

Our sister societies will organise the licence in the country's language and time zone, and the licence can be issued under that country's laws. For example, a magazine in Tokyo would contact our Japanese sister society to request a licence, even if the artist is from the UK.

Check if one of our sister societies covers your area.

Find images to license through Artimage

We will provide the high resolution image file.

1. Sign up for a free Artimage account.

2. Find images you want to reproduce by searching for images, artists and collections. Many are pre-approved for licensed use. Any restrictions on use of a particular image are shown on the image detail page.

3. We provide a quote and let you know how long it may take. Some copyright owners ask to be consulted, and may only allow use according to the situation.

4. We’ll send you the high resolution image file when it’s ready.

Costs for image hire

You’ll find example reproduction costs for high-res image file of exceptional works of modern and contemporary art on the Artimage site. These costs are in addition to the copyright licensing fees.

If you cannot find an image

If the image you’re looking for is not held in Artimage, ask us about it – we may be able to help source specific images. Use our licensing request form or speak to our team on +44 (0)20 7780 7550.