Universal Credit: are you affected by the rule change?

    DACS along with members of Creative Rights Alliance is seeking urgent feedback on the new requirement that claimants must look more widely for jobs after four weeks of benefits. 

    The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) can now make claimants receiving Universal Credit (UC) start to look for any job after four weeks of receiving benefits. Previously claimants had been permitted to limit their search to their chosen field for up to three months. This may impact people in creative industries doing freelance work or on commission.

    DACS is keen to understand how many of our members might be impacted by the new rule now or in the future, as there is limited time for judicial review.

    Please email us at communications@dacs.org.uk if you:

    • are currently being asked by DWP to find work in any field within four weeks of making a UC claim
    • have previously benefited from the ability to limit your job search for three months while claiming UC, and think the new four-week rule would cause you problems if you had to rely on UC again in the future
    • have any other concerns about the rule change

    Posted on 05/04/2022 by Bel New