New report urges the Government to recognise the value of creators and safeguard artists’ rights

    The House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee has released a new report following an extensive public consultation last year on the future of the creative industries. 

    The report, At risk: our creative future identifies the immense value the creative industries have to the UK, but highlights that the Government’s approach risks jeopardising the sector’s potential. 
    The Lords Committee recommend the UK government fix the policy landscape by rowing back on new IP laws that leave creators worse off, and steer clear of trade deals that put the UK’s ‘gold standard’ copyright regime at risk. 
    DACS supplied evidence to the inquiry in 2022 drawing on artists’ experience, which recommended that the government both invest in access to skills, education and artists spaces whilst simultaneously securing fair rewards for artists through copyright. DACS also met with the Chair of the Committee, Baroness Stowell, to provide more detail on how these recommendations could be achieved. 
    Following a swathe of evidence demonstrating the negative consequences of a new copyright exception for text and data mining by artificial intelligence, the Committee recommended that Government ‘pause it’s proposed changes immediately’. The Committee also highlighted a concern over the decline in uptake of creative subjects in schools and called on Government to address blind spots in education.  

    Image: The Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK, 2019, Shezad Dawood © Shezad Dawood. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2022. Photo: Rob Battersby

    Posted on by Vanessa Giorgo