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License an artwork

Are you looking to licence artwork? Find out how we can help you set up a licensing agreement. We have a direct connection with artists, creators and their estates, and can access over 100,000 copyright holders to set up licensing agreements. We also provide high-resolution image files for work by over 400 artists and creators through Artimage, our imagebank. Many of these are pre-approved for licensing.

King & McGaw Patrick Caulfield print in production.
Patrick Caulfield limited edition print courtesy of King &
McGaw. © The Estate of Patrick Caulfield. All Rights Reserved, DACS.

Collaborating with DACS on licensing an exclusive range of special edition artist prints has been a seamless and highly rewarding experience. It has enabled us to showcase remarkable art and support artists while delivering unique and exceptional prints to our customers.

Gyr King
Founder - King & McGaw


DACS recommends 3 policy actions the next UK Government can take, at minimal to no cost, to support the UK's visual artists:

  • Establish the Smart Fund
  • Include visual artists in considered regulation of AI
  • Establish and appoint a Freelancer Commissioner.
DACS campaign for the introduction of the Artist's Resale Right in Parliament.
DACS campaign for the introduction of the Artist's Resale Right in Parliament. © DACS 2005

Artists' rights are essential for sustaining artistic practice, enriching culture, and significantly contributing to the UK's £126 billion creative industries. DACS is committed to guiding artists through an evolving landscape, setting new standards, and continually protecting and promoting their rights.

Christian Zimmermann

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