As part of the Payback application process, you need to become a Payback member and agree to the Mandate in the Payback Terms and Conditions.

Payback membership costs nothing. By becoming a member, we can campaign for your rights and distribute your Payback royalties to you.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure you are clear on what Payback membership means, these bullets outline the legal terms of your agreement:

  • The Payback Membership agreement is an exclusive licence to negotiate, claim and administer your secondary rights only;
  • This exclusive licence and mandate only extends to DACS’ management of rights on a collective basis and does not transfer any authority to DACS to issue individual primary licences on your behalf;
  • You do not transfer any ownership of copyright to DACS.

You can read the full mandate in the Payback Terms and Conditions. It can also be read in the application form.

Please note that we have made some changes to our Payback membership termination procedure.


We introduced Payback membership in 2014, partly in response to new EU legislation which was implemented in the UK in spring 2016. In short, it requires collecting societies to be more accountable, transparent and inclusive. Although DACS has always adhered to these principles to a high standard, Payback membership ensures that our level of compliance is as high as possible, whilst granting you the greatest protection available.

To find out more about Payback membership please email us or call us on 020 7553 9099.