The Dutch PLR scheme runs this year from 15 October to 16 November 2018. The scheme will be open between those dates for applications.

We aim to pay all eligible applicants by the end of 2018.

How it works

To be eligible, your work must have been published in a UK book which has been translated into Dutch and published in the Netherlands. 

The PLR revenue DACS receives from the Netherlands has been declining due to libraries lending less books and the closure of many small libraries throughout the region. As the receipt of future PLR revenue is not ensured, we cannot guarantee the scheme will continue to run annually.

To counter this, DACS is continuing to research other territories where we believe there may be lending revenues being generated for you and are putting together guidance on how you can claim any royalties you might be due, particularly in Germany.

As we will be entering a German PLR scheme next year, we ask you to start compiling a list of your works which have been published in a UK book and have then been translated into German and published in the Germany. This list, however, will not be necessary until we open Dutch and German PLR in 2019.


To apply, simply complete our paper Dutch PLR claim form and return it by Friday 16 November, 2018. We aim to pay all eligible applicants by 31 December, 2018.