Find out how to get your share of Dutch Public Lending Right (Dutch PLR) royalties for the lending of books featuring your artwork by libraries in the Netherlands.

What is Dutch PLR?

In the Netherlands, public libraries are required by law to pay royalties for the books they lend out. These are distributed to writers, artists and publishers via collecting societies.

Each year, DACS receives a share of this money from our sister society Pictoright, to distribute to visual artists in the UK - including fine artists, illustrators and photographers.

This year we have £21,000 to distribute. This is less than in previous years as we are seeing a decline in Dutch PLR revenues due to the closure of many libraries in the Netherlands and a decrease in demand for their services.

We are currently exploring potential PLR revenue streams for our members in other territories -  in particular in France, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for a share of the royalties, your work must have been published in a UK book which has been translated into Dutch and published in the Netherlands.

What you can't claim for:

  • Books published in the Netherlands only
  • Books lent through UK public libraries. The UK Public Lending Right scheme is administered separately by PLR UK.

Apply now

To get your share of this year's royalties, simply complete our form below and return it to us no later than Friday 13 January 2017.

Send your completed form to: 

33 Old Bethnal Green Road
London, E2 6AA.

Royalty payments will be made in spring 2017.