Has your work been published in a UK book, magazine or TV programme?

If so, you're probably eligible for Payback royalties, in addition to other copyright royalties you may have already received. That's because Payback covers secondary uses of your images, such as photocopying.

Every year we negotiate a share of royalties which we pay to eligible artists who submit a claim form. It’s worth it - last year the median payment was over £275.

All kinds of visual artists benefit from Payback including photographers, fine artists, illustrators, sculptors and cartoonists to name a few.

Download our short overview on Payback here.

Payback is closed for application and will open again in summer 2017. 

Are you eligible?

  • Are you a visual artist with copyright-protected artworks, or their authorised representative?
  • Has your work ever appeared in a UK book, magazine or TV programme?
  • Can you provide examples of where your work has been published, with proof?

If you answer yes to all three questions, then you can apply for your share of Payback royalties. 

How it works

  1. 1. We collect revenues for visual artists

    We negotiate a share of the revenues already collected from organisations for the books and magazines they photocopy or the TV programmes they record. This gives us a pot of money to distribute to those whose artwork has been published and/or broadcast.

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  2. 2. You tell us where your work has been published

    Simply supply up to six examples of your published work, with proof (eg ISBN numbers for books, ISSN or barcode numbers for magazines or the channel and title of TV broadcasts).

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  3. 3. You submit your claim form online by the deadline

    If you prefer, you can request a paper form. Once we've received your form, our team will then calculate your share of the royalties. 

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  4. 4. You receive your royalties

    We pay your royalties before the end of the year, usually by bank transfer.

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