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What is a CMO?

A Collective Management Organisation (CMO) manages copyright and related rights on behalf of multiple rights holders.

A number of textile artworks hanging from the ceiling in a white gallery space
MOSTYN Llandudno Wales UK 2018 Shezad Dawood Leviathan 3 March 1 July 2018 c Shezad Dawood All rights reserved DACS Artimage 2022 Image courtesy MOSTYN Photo Dewi Lloyd
  • CMOs provide a valuable service to both rights holders of copyright protected works and those wishing to licence them, by providing an efficient way to collect and distribute royalties.
  • Rights holders such as artists, creatives and beneficiaries will join a CMO as members and instruct it to license rights on their behalf. The CMO charges a fee for the licence, from which it deducts an administrative charge before distributing the remainder as royalties.
  • CMOs are typically not for profit organisations and are owned and controlled by their members.
  • DACS and other UK CMOs are governed by the Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016.