For Licensing Customers

  • Fair use: copyright differences in the UK and US

    A recent US guide outlining ‘fair use’ in the visual arts – uses of copyright-protected artwork which do not need to be cleared with the artist or artist’s estate - has been gaining momentum here in the UK. DACS advises anyone seeking to reproduce an artwork in the UK to be cautious of the guide, and mindful of the differences between UK and US copyright law.

    20 March 2015

  • UK copyright protection for designers to be extended in April 2020

    The Government has announced that the length of copyright protection in the UK for mass-produced artistic works will increase on 6 April 2020. This will primarily benefit designers in the applied or decorative arts, for work produced in multiple copies of 50 or more.

    25 February 2015

  • DACS wins Researcher-in-Residence award

    DACS is delighted to have won a Researcher-in-Residence award from Creativeworks London. The award will support doctoral researcher, Tania Phipps-Rufus, to work with DACS to research the potential of intellectual property law for artists in the digital age.

    2 February 2015

  • DACS and Artquest present The New Economy of Art at the House of Commons

    The New Economy Art, DACS and Artquest’s new book exploring value, patronage and emerging business models in contemporary visual art, was presented to MPs, policy-makers, arts leaders and funders in a launch event at the House of Commons, yesterday, Monday 24 November 2014.

    25 November 2014

  • Changes to UK copyright law allow licensing of ‘orphan’ artworks

    The UK Government has introduced a new scheme to enable the licensing of ‘orphan’ works – creative works which are still in copyright, but where the copyright owner is unknown or cannot be located. DACS continues to consult with the Government to ensure artists and estates are protected.

    3 November 2014

  • DACS, a-n and Artquest seek Director for The Artists Fund

    DACS, a-n The Artists’ Information Company and Artquest, are currently recruiting for a Director to lead and take forward The Artists Fund, a new charity which will provide small grants for visual artists in the UK. The deadline to apply is Friday 7 November 2014.

    21 October 2014