• Artists celebrate £47m in resale royalties since 2006

    On Saturday 13 February 2016, DACS will join artists across the UK in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Artist's Resale Right (ARR). To mark this important milestone, DACS has published a white paper providing a snapshot of ARR over the past ten years.

    12 February 2016

  • Visual artists’ share of collective licensing royalties increases to 8.7%

    DACS is delighted to announce that the share of royalties owed to visual artists through the collective licensing scheme operated by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and the Newspaper Licensing Agency’s (NLA) licensing scheme called NLA Media Access has increased on average from 8% to 8.7%. 

    14 January 2016

  • DACS speaks at Russia’s first international Artist’s Resale Right event

    On 22 October, DACS’ Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Head of Legal, Christian Zimmermann, joined a panel of European experts in authors’ rights at the first ever international event promoting the Artist’s Resale Right in Russia.

    30 October 2015

  • Help save the future of creativity in schools

    DACS is once again supporting the Bacc for the Future campaign, following new and concerning proposals to make the English Baccalaureate compulsory for all secondary school pupils in the UK. 

    30 July 2015

  • DACS pays record £15 million to artists in 2014

    DACS has published its latest Annual Review, which shows a record distribution of £15 million in royalties to 19,000 visual artists and artists’ estates in 2014. It also highlights the work DACS is undertaking to protect and develop artists’ income streams for the future.

    27 July 2015

  • High Court overturns UK private copying exception to copyright

    The High Court has quashed the UK’s private copying exception to copyright, following an application from the UK music industry to review the Government’s decision-making process. DACS welcomes the decision, having previously raised concerns about its impact on visual artists’ income and the need for fair compensation.

    21 July 2015