• Artists’ views wanted for EU copyright consultation

    Calling all visual artists and their estates – take part in the European Commission’s consultation on copyright in the EU, to protect your work and livelihood. The deadline has now been extended to Wednesday 5 March 2014.

    23 January 2014

  • DACS to make changes to its governance following consultation with artists and estates

    Over the summer more than 500 artists and estates responded to our consultation on key decisions being considered by our Board to ensure greater transparency, accountability and participation by the visual artists and estates we represent. We report on the outcomes.

    16 December 2013

  • Art Party Conference: “A joyous experiment in a new kind of advocacy for the arts”

    Described by co-founder Bob and Roberta Smith as “a joyous experiment in a new kind of advocacy for the arts”, the Art Party Conference brought together over 1,200 art-enthusiasts last Saturday 23 November 2013 to discuss the future of art – with an added dash of hilarity and mischief.

    29 November 2013

  • DACS to host a room at the Art Party Conference 23 November

    DACS is hosting a room at the forthcoming Art Party Conference on Saturday 23 November 2013 at The Spa, Scarborough. We’ll be premiering exclusive new films, interviewing artists and presenting open discussion on the value of art.

    15 November 2013

  • Designers to benefit from longer copyright protection in the UK

    The Government is to amend UK copyright law so that certain industrially-manufactured artistic works benefit from the same copyright protection as other artistic works. They are seeking feedback on how and when the change should take place.

    30 October 2013

  • Support a petition for a global Artist’s Resale Right

    Are you a visual artist or artist's heir? Support a petition for a universal Artist’s Resale Right, so all visual artists and estates benefit when their work is resold on the art market, regardless of nationality and where the sale takes place. 

    17 September 2013