• Why it’s important to protect artistic copyright.

    Ella Murtha is the daughter of the late renowned British photographer Tish Murtha, best known for documenting the lives of marginalised communities and working-class life from the inside in the North-East of England. In this blog, Ella Murtha discusses the importance of protecting her mother's copyright and how DACS helped her resolve an unauthorised use of Tish's work.

    28 July 2023

  • The forgotten creatives: Why visual artists deserve more

    The Creative Industries Sector Vision unveiled last month had one glaring omission – visual artists. Christian Zimmermann thinks it’s time to recognise their contribution.

    17 July 2023

  • What can artists do to reduce their environmental footprint?

    It's been one year since DACS joined the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) community, working towards finding collaborative solutions for greater climate security and equality.

    23 May 2023

  • Artist's Spaces: Innocence Lost - Johnnie Shand Kydd on photographing the YBAs in the 1990s

    Honest and unfiltered, Johnnie Shand Kydd’s photographs of the YBAs on their trajectory to success in the 1990s take you back to a time before the art world made headlines. Artimage speaks to the photographer to find out what makes these images so special.

    8 November 2022

  • Artist's Spaces: Nicholas Sinclair on photographing artists' studios

    Nicholas Sinclair has been photographing British artists in their studios from the 1990s to the present day. The impeccably composed portraits offer a glimpse into the work and lives of the individuals behind today's greatest modern masterpieces.

    We talked in-depth to the photographer about his portraits, which are available to license through Artimage.

    7 November 2022

  • Blog - Simon Roberts - Capturing the iconic London 2012 Olympic Games

    This week marks 10 years since the Olympics games came to London. In one of the greatest sporting spectacles of modern times, the now iconic games saw 10,000 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees participated across London and the wider United Kingdom. 

    Artist Simon Roberts was there to capture this moment, having been granted unique photographic access by The International Olympic Committee to create an alternative, artistic take focusing on the cultural, economic, and political vistas that are often overlooked in the excitement of the events.

    27 July 2022