Please find below our current prices for reproductions in image banks, with further information on what the licence includes.

Information we'll need
How the price is calculated
What we don't charge for
Duration of licence

You need a licence to include copyright protected artworks in your image bank. It will give you the right to:

  • Create photographic transparencies and/or digital copies of artworks for the purpose of renting or lending
  • Make photographic transparencies or digital copies available for renting or lending worldwide
Once you receive your licence, it is a simple process to update your licence each year. You'll also be able to add new artworks or adjust the total number of artworks used during the year. This gives you greater freedom to choose which artworks are included in your Image Bank or Picture Library throughout the year.

If you are unsure which specific work(s) you would like to use, but do know the name of the artist, we may still be able to help you and discuss the uses with our members for you.

It is a condition of the licence that the clients of your Image Banks are directed to us to inform us of their project or use of the artworks and, if necessary, clear copyright in our members' work with us. 


Please contact us on for a quote.

Information we need

We'll need the following details to process your licence: 
  • titles of artworks you want to reproduce
  • name of the artist(s)
  • number of artworks by each artist
  • the URL of your website
  • confirmation that your customers will be clearly directed to us to apply for a licence if they wish to make further reproductions
  • any additional reproductions or uses (e.g. design features) for which you need permission

How the price is calculated

The price for image banks includes:
  • making backup copies of the digital reproductions and/or creating additional transparencies of the same artistic works as may be necessary to support their retention or use
  • reproducing artworks for the purposes of making digital copies to be used on or as part of your online image bank (excluding promotional uses)
  • allowing users of your website to view the digital copies, wherever in the world they are
  • allowing users of your website to download the digital copies made available for rental and lending, subject to your terms and conditions

It does not include:
  • further reproductions by your customers - please direct them to us in order to apply for a licence
  • the reproduction of artworks for promotional or design purposes, or on the homepage of your website. These reproductions are charged differently and require a separate licence.
  • please contact us at and we will give you a quote.

Duration of the licence

Our licences for image banks have a term of one year.

If your use or the format of your use changes, you will need to apply for a new licence.

Renewing an expired licence

You can renew your licence easily at the end of every 12 month period. 

Extending a licence

You will need to submit a request for a new licence.