Our Museum Digital Accessibility Licence provides a multi-use licence for museums that want to let the public engage digitally with collections (including any artworks on loan).

What it covers
Information we'll need
How the price is calculated
Duration of licence

What it covers

Uses covered by this licence include:

  • use on websites including landing pages, flash galleries and microsites
  • i-maps
  • free handheld multimedia tour guides
  • free smart phone visitor guides (non-downloadable)
  • touch screen interactive displays on site
  • plasma screens in the premises
  • works used within recordings of live events produced by the museum, eg interviews
The licence only covers works in the museum’s permanent collection or works loaned to the collection including works in a touring exhibition.

The fee is per work and this allows for the multiple uses of that art work as long as it is for the prescribed uses listed above. 

The initial list of works to be covered by the licence must be provided in advance of the licence being issued. 

The licence is for non-profit making uses only. Licences for any commercial uses including advertising and promotion must be obtained separately. Please see the relevant Public Galleries, Museums and Cultural Organisations price list referring to your use.

Images of the works are not to appear on any third party sites.

Images on the website must not exceed 1536 pixels.


The following annual fee is payable in respect of each work reproduced:

No. of artworks


1-100 £10
101-300 £8
301-500 £7
501-1,000 £6
1,001-3,000 £5
3,001-5,000 £4
5,001-10,000 £3
10,001 or more by negotiation

Please be aware there is a minimum fee of £50 plus VAT.

Information we need

We'll need the following details to process your licence: 
  • title of the artwork you want to reproduce
  • name of the artist
  • do you wish to reproduce the work in full, or cropped, manipulated or over-printed
  • context of the reproduction (e.g. website, touch screen, tour guide)
  • URL of the website (if applicable)
  • number of users / available downloads

How the price is calculated

Prices stated exclude VAT. The fee structure is based on the number of works and the more works you use the lower the fee per work becomes. 

All prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Our members reserve the right to override our standard fees.

We review our licensing prices annually. This allows us to keep in-touch with changes in the industry and technological advances, so we can create relevant and robust licences that benefit both our customers and artists.

Should any price changes affect your industry, we shall notify you at least 14 days in advance.

Duration of the licence

This is an annual licence so a fee is payable each year.

If your use or the format of your use changes, you will need to apply for a new licence. 

Renewing or extending a licence

If you wish to renew or extend a licence you will need to submit a new request. When a licence is renewed it is only necessary to provide the list of those works to be added or removed from the licence.