Please find below our current prices for reproductions in merchandising, with further information on what the licence includes.

Information we'll need
How the price is calculated
What we don't charge for
Duration of licence


The price of a licence to use copyright artworks on merchandising is worked out according to an agreed percentage of the retail or wholesale price, multiplied by the number of items being produced. A minimum fee may apply.

Percentage rates are usually 5 – 10% of retail price or 15 - 20% of wholesale price but are subject to agreement by the artist. 

An estimated price will be quoted on application, and confirmed once the artist(s) in question has agreed to the use.

It is not always practical to set up a royalty arrangement where the total licence price is less than £5000 and the full fee may be payable from the outset. One of our Licensing Executives will be able to discuss this with you.

An advance payment of 25% of the total price followed by twice-yearly royalty statements / sales reports can be agreed for higher value licences and those where quantities are being produced in batches over several years.

Information we need

We'll need the following details to process your licence: 
  • title of the artwork you want to reproduce
  • name of the artist
  • do you wish to reproduce the work in full, or cropped, manipulated or over-printed
  • type of product being created
  • print/production run of the item you will be producing (is it a single/limited production or a multiple production run?)
  • if a third party manufacturer is involved in the process
  • the retail or wholesale price of the merchandise
  • whether the artwork will be used on any packaging relating to the merchandise
  • a PDF of the design layout
  • where will the product be sold

How the price is calculated

A charge is made per reproduction. Prices quoted exclude VAT.

All prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Our members reserve the right to override our standard fees.

What we don’t charge for

We do not charge for mock-ups of the merchandise.

Duration of the licence

Our merchandise licences can be short or long term. The licence for a single production run will last one year, whereas the licence for multiple production runs are flexible and negotiable with the copyright owner.

If your use or the format of your use changes, you will need to apply for a new licence.

Renewing or extending a licence

If you wish to renew or extend a licence you will need to submit a new request.

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