Please find below our current prices for reproductions in ebooks, with further information on what the licence includes.

Information we'll need
How the price is calculated
Duration of licence


Artworks can be reproduced in many different formats including mobile applications (or 'apps') and digital publications (ebooks or electronic articles). Digital publications can also exist on their own or in conjunction with a hard copy version.


Digital & Hard Copy Publication*

Digital only


Front cover


Front cover

Up to 1,000 £33 £35 £35 £72
Up to 1,500 £41 £44 £43 £88
Up to 3,000 £53 £57 £56 £116
Up to 5,000 £65 £70 £69 £141
Up to 10,000 £77 £85 £80 £168
Up to 15,000 £85 £92 £90 £186
Up to 20,000 £94 £102 £99 £204
Up to 30,000 £105 £114 £110 £230
Up to 50,000 £124 £138 £131 £274
Up to 80,000 £127 £139 £133 £277

*Digital & Hard Copy Publications
This fee only applies to the digital title if the hard copy is licensed at the same time, for which separate tarrifs apply. For more information, see our Books price list.


We offer a multi-work discount for reproductions within a single project or publication and based on our standard pricing structure.

1-4 images 0%
5-10 images 20%
11-30 images 30%
31-50 images 40%

If you have a digital publication project with more than 100 reproductions, please contact us on 

Apply for licence

Information we need

We'll need the following details to process your licence: 
  • title of the artwork you want to reproduce
  • name of the artist
  • do you wish to reproduce the work in full, or cropped, manipulated or over-printed
  • title of the publication
  • number of expected downloads (print run)
  • context of reproduction (e.g. e-version of printed publication, application, online journal)

How the price is calculated

Our prices are based on the way in which an artwork is being used and the commercial nature of the project. An artwork will command a higher fee the more prominently it is featured (eg on the front cover of a book).

Our fees are set irrespective of the size of the reproduction and whether it is reproduced in colour or in black and white.

You can extend the print run at any time during the term of the licence. No additional charge will be made where the additional copies requested fall within the same print run bracket. If the additional copies requested exceed the print run originally licensed, a top-up fee will apply.

A charge is made per reproduction. Prices stated exclude VAT. Where appropriate, discounts may be available when a large number of works are licensed for a project.

All prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Our members reserve the right to override our standard fees.

We review our licensing prices annually. This allows us to keep in-touch with changes in the industry and technological advances, so we can create relevant and robust licences that benefit both our customers and artists.

Should any price changes affect your industry, we shall notify you at least 14 days in advance.

Duration of the licence

DACS’ digital publishing licences have a term of ten years.

If your use or the format of your use changes, you will need to apply for a new licence.

Renewing or extending a licence

If you wish to renew or extend a licence you will need to submit a new request.

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