Please find below our current prices for reproductions in books, with further information on what the licence includes.

Information we need
How the price is calculated
Duration of licence


Print Run

Distribution territory / languages

(English language only)

(all languages)

Type of reproduction





up to 500   £48 £214 £51 £226
501-1,500   £78 £254 £83 £268
1,501-3,000   £102 £305 £108 £320
3,001-5,000   £124 £382 £132 £403
5,001-10,000   £149 £436 £156 £461
10,001-15,000   £163 £493 £173 £519
15,001-20,000   £180 £547 £190 £577
20,001-30,000   £203 £609 £213 £641
30,001-50,000   £225 £672 £238 £708
50,001-80,000   £243 £735 £255 £774

If your print run exceeds 80,000 please contact us at

Prices are per reproduction.

A discount may apply when multiple reproductions are required.

Discount structure

1-4 reproductions 0%
5-10 reproductions 20%
11-30 reproductions 30%
31-50 reproductions 40%
51-100 reproductions 50%

Please note: the number of reproductions refers to the number of copies of works in a single publication.

Print runs of previously licensed publications can be extended within the first two years of the term of your licence. No additional charge is made where the extra copies printed fall within the same print run bracket. We will however charge a top-up fee where the additional copies printed exceed the print run originally licensed.

Academic publications

We have special rates for academic books provided that your publication meets all of the following conditions. 

  • It is a work of original thought and based on new research
  • It is written by an established academic and not by an in-house writer
  • It has been peer reviewed
  • The maximum print run is 4000
  • The target market is primarily for post-graduates or academics
Please get contact us at to find out more about academic rates.

Information we need

We'll need the following details to process your licence: 
  • title of the artwork you want to reproduce
  • name of the artist
  • do you wish to reproduce the art work in full, or cropped, manipulated or over-printed
  • will your publication feature the work of one artist, or several artists? If the publication deals predominantly with works by one artist, please see our information about monographs.
  • title of the publication
  • number of copies you expect to print
  • how often is each work reproduced
  • language(s) it will be published in
  • details of any plans to create an e-publication or CD-ROM version if so please see our information about Digital publications and apps
  • will the work be reproduced on the cover or inside the publication

How the price is calculated

Our prices are based on the way in which an artwork is being used and the print run of your publication. For example, the larger the print run, the higher the overall price (although the cost per publication goes down).

Artworks reproduced on a book cover command a higher price than those used within the editorial.

Monographs, or books devoted to the work of a single artist, are priced differently (see this page for more information). There is an additional charge for digital publications and other website reproductions.

You must inform us about your plans to print your publication in a language other than English when you apply for a licence.

Our fees are set irrespective of the size of the reproduction and whether it is reproduced in colour or black and white.

No additional charge is made where an artwork is used on the cover of the publication and this cover is then reproduced in an industry-standard promotional publication, for example a trade catalogue. However, other reproductions used to promote the publication incur an additional charge.

A charge is made per reproduction. Prices stated exclude VAT. Where appropriate, discounts may be available when a large number of works are licensed for a project.

All prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Our members reserve the right to override our standard fees.

We review our licensing prices annually. This allows us to keep in-touch with changes in the industry and technological advances, so we can create relevant and robust licences that benefit both our customers and artists.

Should any price changes affect your industry, we shall notify you at least 14 days in advance.

Duration of the licence

Our book publishing licences last for a term of ten years.

If your use or the format of your use changes, you will need to apply for a new licence.

Renewing or extending a licence

If you wish to extend the term of your licence you will need to notify us within the 12 months before the expiry of the term of your licence. We may request from you confirmation of how many copies of your book have been printed and distributed up to that point.

If you wish to extend the licence you will need to submit a new request. Permissions will not be unreasonably withheld.