Our Licensing service aims to simplify the licensing process by providing a bridge between artists and the people who want to reproduce their works.

Our team of licensing experts can help clear the rights you need, no matter how complex your project or how many artists it involves. We represent artists not just in the UK but also overseas, through our partnerships with agents in over 30 countries.

Our professional staff are committed to providing an efficient and friendly service to our customers. We can:

  • give you access to some of the world's most popular artists
  • explain the requirements of the law in plain English
  • guide you through the licensing process
  • provide a quote within 24 hours wherever possible
  • seek all the necessary permissions required to grant a licence
  • suggest alternative artists if we are unable to obtain permission
  • supply you with high resolution images of modern and contemporary art through our online image resource, Artimage

Copyright licensing

We provide services for those seeking to license the work of an artist.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including advertising, publishing, broadcasting, multimedia and merchandising. As a result, works by the artists we represent have been licensed for everything from greetings cards and film sets, to websites and silk scarves.

You can find information on our prices here - simply choose your industry and type of usage from the list of options.

We can also supply high-res images of exceptional works of modern and contemporary art at an additional cost through our online resource, Artimage. Visit Artimage.org.uk to browse and discover images.

Please note that if we don’t have an image of the work you wish to license, you'll need to source it yourself elsewhere. 

If you are based outside of the UK, please direct your licensing request to the relevant collecting society in your country, who will liaise with us on your behalf. Find contact details for the relevant collecting society from our international network.

Seeking permission from the artist

In most cases we have been granted the right to license works automatically, provided our licensing principles are respected and certain conditions are met.

In some cases however, an artist or copyright owner may reserve the right to be consulted whenever we receive a request to license their work, or for certain types of uses, e.g. merchandising. Obtaining permission to use works will take longer in such cases.

Some artists may also ask to see a proposed layout, printer's proofs or samples before granting permission. Our team can tell you which artists have special conditions regarding the use of their work, as well as provide you with a realistic timeframe in which permission will be granted.

We do everything we can to obtain permission and issue a licence for our customers' projects. In the event of permission being denied, and where appropriate, we will suggest using the work of another artist.

Paying the artist

We pay artists four times a year. We retain 25% of the Copyright Licensing royalties we collect for artists in the UK to cover our costs.

Each year we publish an Annual Report which details the payments to artists we have made in the previous 12 months.