Watch: AI & Creativity: Protecting Creators in the Age of AI

    At the recent AI Fringe, part of  the UK’s AI summit, DACS convened a panel exploring the potential impacts of AI models on creators and their IP rights.

    As the UK Government navigates its regulatory response, "AI & Creativity: Protecting Creators in the Age of AI" brought together artists, writers and leaders working across the Creative Industries to discuss and highlight creators' unique insights and experiences, which are pivotal to ensuring AI develops to be fair and equitable for all.

    Speakers included:

    - Christian Zimmermann, CEO, DACS
    - Isabel Ramos, Keiken Artist Collective
    - Dr. Pogus Caesar, Artist
    - Matthew Blakemore, Chief AI Strategist, AI Caramba!
    - Dr Hayleigh Bosher Reader in Intellectual Property Law, Brunel University London
    - Lawrence Essex, Sci-fi Author, Screenwriter, Film Director
    - Justin Hackney, Creative Director / Filmmaker / Creative AI Community Founder
    - Molly Smitten-Downes, Art Director & Music Maker

    The event was chaired by:

    - Lara Carmona, Director of Policy and Engagement at Creative UK
    - Cristina Carmona Aliaga, Senior Inward Investment Manager for the Creative Industries and Innovation, London & Partners 

    Watch AI & Creativity: Protecting Creators in the Age of AI

    Posted on 14/11/2023 by Joanne Milmoe