Had visual works published in Germany? Apply for royalties now

    If you are a UK artist who has had visual works published on a German website, featured in a German gallery or published in a German language book, you may be eligible to apply for royalties. 

    We are delighted to announce that artists and estates can now apply for royalties if their work has been published in Germany, thanks to the partnership between DACS and the German collecting society, VG Bild-Kunst.
    We have been exploring new ways to support visual artists in the UK and are excited to add this opportunity to our current Payback and Dutch PLR royalty schemes.

    To help you complete your claim, you can read more about each royalty scheme and how to apply below.

    Deadline for applications is Friday 14 June.

    German Exhibition

    If your work has been exhibited in Germany, then you can apply for a share of royalties.

    These royalties cover the promotion of your work in exhibition. If your work has been exhibited in a gallery or museum then it is likely it will have been promoted in some way, for example via a news story in a magazine or featured in a publication or on a website. It is unlikely that you will know every instance of how your work was promoted so all that we ask is for you to list the exhibition in your claim.

    More information here 

    German Websites

    If your work has appeared on a German website, then you can apply for a share of royalties.
    German websites are defined as websites with the top level domain ‘.de’ or with generic domains (e.g. ‘.com’, ‘.org’) if the site addresses a German audience in German language. You can apply for all instances of your artistic work appearing on German websites.

    More information here 

    German Public Lending Right (PLR)

    To be eligible, your work must have featured in a book published by a German publisher and you must provide the German ISBN. All types of published artistic works are eligible, including photography, illustration, caricature, cartoon images, logos, infographics, title design and graphic design.

    More information here


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    Image: Yinka Shonibare, May 1989 © Edward Woodman. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2019.

    Posted on 29/04/2019 by Laura Ward-Ure