Visual artists receive over £5 million in Payback royalties

    It’s official! This year, DACS is set to distribute Payback royalties to nearly 63,000 visual artists and estates.

    DACS distributes nearly 90% of UK’s collective licensing royalties for visual artists

    The UK’s leading representative of visual artists for collective licensing, DACS are paying out almost 90% of the total royalties available. Artists apply for this royalty by submitting Publication History and Payback forms.

    Gilane Tawadros, Chief Executive, DACS said:

    “DACS’ number one priority is to safeguard artists’ livelihoods and stand up for their rights, and the figures show that we are doing just that, remaining the UK’s leading representative of visual artists for collective licensing revenue. This is an achievement that would not have been possible without the support of our Payback members, who have put their trust in DACS for over 15 years. We will continue to support artists and estates and ensure that they get their fair share of royalties.”

    Individual royalty payments for work published in UK books and magazines range from £25 to £470, with the median payments of £140. The highest payment for work published in books and magazines and broadcast on TV was £3,200.

    Over two thirds of applicants set to see royalties ‘topped up’

    The Publication History form, which ‘tops up’ artists’ payments if their publication history matches the CLA’s photocopying data, was successfully submitted by nearly 60% of all applicants. As a result, nearly two thirds of artists had their payment ‘topped up’ this year, double that of 2017.
    The significance of the Publication History form is set to increase again for next year’s applicants, as its claim on the overall pot of royalties will grow from 15% to a whopping 25% in 2019. To get the most out of your potential royalties, make sure you submit both forms!

    DACS received nearly 80% of the money available from the CLA with regards to Publication History forms, a 5% rise on last year, and will soon be distributing to members with successful matches.

    How published artistic works can earn you royalties

    Each year, we pay artists and estates Payback royalties for the re-use of their copyright-protected work in UK books, magazines and TV programmes.

    The royalties come from a range of collective licensing schemes – such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), who operate a scheme which sells photocopying and scanning licences to businesses. We distribute a share of the revenue to visual artists, ensuring they are remunerated when their published work is reproduced. 

    Sculptor Permindar Kaur said: “As a sculptor, the royalties I receive from Payback are hugely important, as they go straight into paying for essential material costs like metals and fabrics. It’s small royalties like these, generated from works that now hang in museums, that help sustain my practice.”

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    Image: Permindar Kaur in her studio, photographed by Brian Benson for DACS. Photograph © Brian Benson, 2018.

    Posted on 21/09/2018 by Jessica Bancroft