Payback top tip: How to increase your royalties with Publication History

    Our top tip when applying for Payback royalties? Fill in your Publication History form. This year’s pot will be worth 25% of the overall money available. 

    Publication History: What do I need to know?

    Your Publication History form asks for ISSN and ISBN inform​ation.
    Applying for Payback royalties involves two forms:

    • The Payback form is compulsory and asks for the total number of UK publications your work has appeared in.
    • The Publication History form asks for your full publication history with specific ISBN and ISSN. Whilst it’s optional to complete, it’s the best way of improving your chances of an accurate claim.

    Why is Publication History important?

    It makes your claim more accurate, maximising the amount you are paid.
    DACS receives Payback royalties from the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency). In 2017, the CLA split this money between Payback’s regular bracketed scheme and a more detailed list of uses – now known as Publication History.
    DACS submits your Publication History claim to the CLA where it is matched against their list of UK photocopied titles, and their ISSN and ISBN numbers. If they match, you’ll get royalties.
    The division of money between the two processes has risen year-on-year. For the 2019 campaign, the Publication History pot will be worth 25% of the overall money available.
    To maximise your royalty payment, you will need to ensure that both your Payback and Publication History claims are completed.

    How do you fill the form in? 

    It’s very straightforward.
    Simply log-in as you would to complete the regular Payback form and go to the ‘Publication History’ section.
    Once there, list as much of your publication history as you can:
    • ISBN or ISSN numbers of the publications that contain your visual work
    • The title of the publication
    • The number of times your work appears in that publication (for magazines, add up all the uses of your work in every edition of the magazine).

    ISSN are 8 digits.
    ISBN are 13 digits.

    How long will it take to fill in?

    This depends on whether you have claimed before and how accessible your information is.
    Here’s the good part - if you have claimed previously, your information will be waiting there for you. You’ll be able to make any necessary changes, for example adding new titles or changing the number of images against a title (for example, if you have had more work published in an existing magazine on your list).
    If you are claiming for the first time, it will take a little longer to gather the information, depending on how many publications your work has featured in. However, this only needs to be done once, and the process will help you to start considering an archive of your works.
    Find out more about developing your own archive with Art360 Foundation, an independent charity set up with support from DACS. Download their free archiving app here to help guide you through the process.

    Apply for Payback royalties 2019

    Payback will be open for applications once again at the beginning of 2019. We will contact you towards the end of this year with more details.
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    Image: The Reader, 2010 © Wendy McMurdo. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage 2018.

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