Don’t miss out on Payback 2018 - our artists share their top application tips!

    Straight from the artists’ mouths - your top tips for claiming Payback (and a few tips from the DACS Payback team, too).

    Payback is an annual scheme run by DACS, which distributes royalties to visual artists and estates for the re-use of their copyright-protected work in UK books, magazines and TV programmes. This year’s deadline to apply is 4 May.

    It’s worth it! In 2017, 38,000 artists received a share of over £4 million.

    “I know plenty of illustrators and designers that do it every year and some might get thirty quid and some might get a couple of grand. No matter how much you get, it is all money that you deserve, so go get it!” - Tom Hovey, Great British Bake-Off Illustrator
    We’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of your Payback claim, as told by the artists who’ve benefited from royalties.  

    Artists' top Payback tips

    Ditch the paper form and apply online

    "The great thing is once you have filled in the online form, the information is retained until the following year, so all you ever have to do after your first application is just add in anything new. Make sure you keep all the publications, so you have a record and easy access to the ISBN number."

    Annabel Tilley,  Fine artist

    Keep records

    "I found it helpful to write down all my relevant ISBN/publication details on a piece of paper before filling in the form so I could refer to it throughout the process instead of rifling through a pile of them. Much quicker!”

    Jade Sarson Illustrator/comic artist

    Set aside up to half a day to complete the Payback forms

    "The process is very straightforward and it’s worth setting aside half a day to complete. The important thing is to keep a thorough record of where your work has been published to make your Payback claim as comprehensive as possible."

    Simon Roberts, Photographer

    Know the difference between ISBN and ISSN

    "Remember, book ISBNs are 10 to 13 digits long, while magazine ISSNs are 8 digits. Keeping this in mind should help you fill in your form more easily."

    The Payback team

    Be as clear as possible

    "It’s a good opportunity to look back and record how your work is being used. It’s also good to be as concise and accurate as possible with your application."

    James O Jenkins, Photographer

    Set diary reminders

    "Write deadlines for the Publication History Claim Form and the Payback Claim Form in your calendar or diary and make sure you don’t miss them! Remember – Payback Claim deadline is           4 May 2018!"

    The Payback team

    Once you’ve applied, just imagine what you could do with the royalties!

    "When I started to collate the information for my claim, I was surprised by the number of places where my work had been published. Each year, I put the royalties I receive towards studio rent, my biggest overhead expense. Essential and appreciated, they help me continue with my practice."

    Julie Umerle, Contemporary abstract painter

    "I spent it on pens."

    David Shrigley, Illustrator

    "I was able to buy a digital projector with my royalties."

    Annabel Tilley, Fine artist

    "Where previously I would have to work on yet another advertising campaign, Payback royalties help me purchase new equipment and materials and help me focus on the type of work I find truly interesting."

    Brian Griffin, Photographer

    "In the past, Payback has enabled me to buy new equipment or contributed to studio costs. It always feels like an unexpected and very welcome reward when the statement pops up in my inbox."

    Benji Davies, Children’s book illustrator

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    Image: Payback member Julie Umerle in her studio, photographed by Brian Benson © Brian Benson, 2018; Payback member Benji Davies in his studio  photographed by Brian Benson © Brian Benson, 2018.

    Posted on 01/03/2018 by Jessica Bancroft