Jane Ray talks to DACS about Dutch PLR

    DACS talks to children's book illustrator, Jane Ray, about Dutch Public Lending Right (Dutch PLR) royalties. She explains why artists should sign up and provides some useful tips for first-time applicants.

    Can you tell us a bit about your work?

    I am an illustrator specialising in children's books. I tend to illustrate fairy tales, myths and legends and I write too. I work in watercolour on paper, with collage and I love these processes - the craft of what I do. I'm not really interested in working digitally.

    Why should artists sign up for Dutch PLR royalties?

    Because there is a pot of money with our name on it, just waiting to be collected. The illustrator Nicola Smee, a wonderful illustrator, and the person who fought to get these royalties into our hands, worked very hard to make it happen.

    What did you spend your last Dutch PLR royalty on?

    I think it just got used for general expenses. I had three children at university at the time, so there is never any shortage of things to spend unexpected windfalls on!

    Any tips for first-time applicants?

    Make sure you claim for all the books you can, and for all the editions you can. It’s not straightforward trying to find exactly where your books have been published - I didn't find it so anyway - but it is so worthwhile.

    What do you have coming up that we should know about? 

    I've just finished a book with Kevin Crossley Holland, set in Venice, which comes out next Christmas. I'm working away on The Nutcracker at the moment.
    Visit Jane Ray’s website.
    Don’t miss the deadline to claim your share of this year’s Dutch PLR royalties! Apply by  Wednesday 6 January 2016Find out more.
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    Image: Illustration from 'Zeraffa Giraffa', written by Dianne Hofmeyr and illustrated by Jane Ray. Published by Frances Lincoln. Image courtesy of the artist.

    Posted on 15/12/2014 by Laura Ward-Ure