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    In 2019 DACS launched the #FairShareForArtists campaign to protect the Artist Resale Right (ARR). Since 2006 we have paid out over £100 million in Artist's Resale Right Royalties to 5,624 artists and artist’s estates, ensured that ARR is enacted in trade agreements with countries around the world and engaged over 6000 people through our #FairShareForArtists content and campaigns videos.
    The royalties earned through the Artist Resale Right are an essential source of income for artists, giving them a fair share of the ongoing value of their work. These royalties enable them to rent studio space and buy materials integral to their practice.  
    The influence of visual artists’ work within society is significant. In 2019, the UK’s creative industries were valued at £101.5 billion. Yet artists are not reaping the benefits - the average annual income of a visual artist in the UK is just £5000 a year. 
    Whether you became a named supporter, tweeted the hashtag or wrote to your MP, we really appreciate how you have already taken part the Fair Share for Artists campaign. 
    'The Artist’s Resale Right provides artists with much needed income and an ongoing stake in their work.  In the current climate as artists face the myriad challenges of the pandemic, many without the security of government support, that is more important than ever!'
    Gilane Tawadros, DACS Chief Executive 
    'Pre-covid, the creative industries contributed over £100 billion to the UK economy. Despite their role in that success, we know that many visual artists are struggling with projects stalled indefinitely and huge hits to their income. 
    Like all other industries, it is vital that artists are paid for their work and for the increased value that their work gathers. This is an essential part of making it possible for artists to pursue the livelihoods that make such a contribution to all our lives.' 
    Margaret Heffernan, DACS Board chair 
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